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Harness the tools and resources to help your startup fly.

Startup Toolkit

  • Developing a new startup idea can be extremely challenging.


    Equally, it can be one of the most rewarding and creative undertakings of your life. 


    This toolkit is for early-stage entrepreneurs looking to build and launch a new startup.

  • This toolkit compiles a range of those resources to support anyone who is setting out on the journey to design, build, launch and grow a new startup. It offers you a set of tools to cover aspects of business ranging from understanding your customer, to designing your product, from building a brand, to launching your company into the market.


    Many of these tools are very simple to use - and many are also very cheap, or even free. Whether you’re developing your strategy, finding a name, building a free website, designing a logo, or making an explainer video for $5 USD, you should be able to find help here.


    We hope you find this useful as you progress as an entrepreneur!

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